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Rédigé le 2020-11-01

I've stopped doing link exchanges for a couple of reasons:

1) It's too time consuming. Keeping track of who is still linking to me, sending out emails and verifying that everything is correct was killing my productivity.

2) Google is known to have devalued link exchanges between two sites. Google favors one way links.

Obviously our sites still need links and I've discovered a solution that is not only less time consuming but provides the one way links that Google likes.

You put any site into the system your willing to accept links from other webmasters on and then you get credits for each link you accept. You then use those credits to get links from other sites in the system. The beauty of it is that you can use those credits to get links to any sites you own, it doesn't have to be the site you accept links on.

Not only that, but the system keeps track of everything for you, so no more wasting time. Also, all the sites in the system have PageRank and are indexed by Google. What I and other users have found is that Google values these links highly and with just a few links, our rankings have climbed to the first page of Google.

I invite you to have a look for yourself:

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